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Transforming Health Care: Deerns’ Smart Hospital Quickscan

A novel new workshop model implemented by Deerns charts a path towards implementing future-ready Smart solutions in hospitals. 

Deerns is embarking on an innovative journey to create a transformative service for hospital clients, focusing on enhancing the Smart capabilities of healthcare environments. A collaboration between our Health Care and Smart Building departments culminated in the development of a revolutionary product for the healthcare landscape, the Smart Hospital Quickscan. 

The Smart Hospital Quickscan is implemented in three stages: 

  • Assessment of the current status 
  • Workshop for ambition definition 
  • Upgrade and investment plan 

This process is designed to generate insights which can be used to chart a path towards the actual implementation of Smart solutions to problems identified. 

“The Quickscan Workshop, designed to be a swift diagnostic tool, revealed unanticipated layers of information,” says Savina Taouki, Smart Building Advisor at Deerns. “It became a catalyst for discussions on aspirations, challenges, and the necessary upgrades, prompting a rethink of the hospital’s digital strategy.” 

The Quickscan Workshop Blueprint 

At the core of this innovative service is the Quickscan workshop. The first of these workshops held at the Martini Hospital in Groningen, The Netherlands,  

“In the case of the Martini Hospital, Deerns faced the challenge of revamping a previously developed generic product that did not align with the hospital’s needs,” she explains.  

The workshop aimed to gauge the existing Smart capabilities of the hospital’s operations comprehensively with a view to defining the steps towards improved ‘Smartness’ moving forward. It also helped to define how Smart technologies could support users, for example, in addressing current challenges they face during their workday. Through an insightful discussion, the team categorised functionalities into health and well-being and patient-related domains, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the hospital ecosystem. 

The Patient Journey as the Foundation 

The workshop’s unique approach centred on simplifying the complex processes of a hospital by focusing on the journey of the patient. By using this as a baseline, participants could easily identify challenges and improvements, making the process more accessible and effective. Three distinct categories of patients were considered: 

  • Hospitalised Patients 
  • Outpatients 
  • Emergencies 

A five-step workshop methodology streamlined the approach to achieve meaningful participation and produce clear and well-defined insights: 

  • Patient journeys are identified and populated with information and connections. 
  • Problems and challenges present along these journeys are identified. 
  • Problems are prioritised in terms of resolution urgency. 
  • Solutions using Smart technologies or innovation are proposed. 
  • Summary and Discussion. 

Revealing Multiple Outcomes 

Deerns proposed the implementation of workshop-produced ambitions as part of a Smart design, and our team committed to supporting the client through every phase, from creating functional and technical reports to researching the market for suitable suppliers. 

Undoubtedly, the highlight of this transformative journey for Deerns was the workshop itself. The team thoroughly enjoyed the preparation, ensuring the workshop met the participants’ expectations by being interactive, creative, and hands-on. The positive feedback received from both participants and the client reinforced the effectiveness of the workshop and the potential it holds for future projects. 

Here’s where we Exceed Expectations 

A key strength of the workshop lay in its inclusive approach to participant selection. Individuals from diverse roles within the hospital participated in the workshop, providing a rich tapestry of perspectives which added immense value to discussions. 

The Martini Hospital’s Quickscan workshop marked a significant step forward in Deerns’ journey towards revolutionising healthcare environments. Through collaborative efforts, innovative workshops, and a commitment to bridging the gap between aspiration and implementation, Deerns is poised to lead the way in transforming hospitals into intelligent, pleasant, people-centric spaces.  

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