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High-end consulting to optimise building performance

High-quality specialist consultancy combined with advanced technologies to optimise building performance, safety and efficiency is what you can expect from our experts at Deerns. 

Deerns is well-known as an engineering-design consultant for building installations and less so for our other related in-house expertise. Some of this expertise sits in two teams, the Special Building Consultancy unit (about 35 experts) which I head, as well as in the Building Physics & Energy unit (about 50 experts), headed by Pieter Schepman. The combination of 16 cross-market expertise teams alongside our market-specific engineering expertise gives our clients the luxury of a one-stop shop!   

Our Special Building Consultancy experts provide high-end solutions to complex challenges to optimise the performance, safety, and efficiency of buildings. The Special Building Consultancy unit houses seven niche services which offer high-end consulting: transportation engineering, smart building design, security, ICT infrastructures, transactional services (Due Diligence), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and building automation. Using advanced technologies and data analytics we deal with logistics studies, potential of available data in buildings, provide security advice to protect business processes, and devise solutions to complex data issues.  

With health and sustainability high on the agenda in most projects there is an increased demand for our integrated services at Deerns. This is partly linked to compliance either with new national laws and regulations informed by EU Taxonomy. Other driving forces are corporate CSRD/ESG reporting requirements in the race to meeting net- zero- targets and tackling energy supply issues.  

3 Benefits of an all-in-one project team 

The other reason for this increased demand is that we provide three major benefits as a team which uniquely provides integrated solutions directly from our pool of in-house experts. 

Benefit 1: Specialised consultants under a single roof 

Whereas most installation engineering companies focus on Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, clients can also count on Deerns for high-end specialist expertise from our smart building, safety and security, transportation and logistics, and technical due diligence consultants. In high-rise, mixed-use buildings, for example, multiple lift cores have a major impact on the engineering installation design. the entire design team at an early stage consider transport installations with. With our  specialised logistics studies and transport engineering team at Deerns client are spared of spending precious resources on outsourcing to a separate specialist consultant or to a supplier. Our clients enjoy tech-agnostic advice from an ecosystem of experts sitting under one roof. 

Benefit 2: Less coordination  

 At Deerns our pool of experts are attuned to each other and have short lines of communication, often working in the same office. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that we arrive at a joint and integrated solution saving our clients coordination costs. We remain critical of each other’s design input since we are committed to the best design. 

Benefit 3: Innovation power  

Since experts work across markets our clients can benefit from our experience and learnings from related and different industries such as Airports, Real Estate, Hospitals, Life Sciences, Data Centres and Electronics. For instance, we introduce innovative solutions for hospitals by converting conventional solutions in office buildings to the unique health care environment. Our deep knowledge means we can tackle complex challenges and see opportunity for innovation 

Deerns is one of the few companies which offers integrated solutions for the built environment which goes beyond plant engineering or structural design and includes design for smart buildings and big-picture grid decongestion. 

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Leandra Rodenhuis

Unit Director Special Building Services