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Airports of the future are smart, tailor made and emission free

An airport is an architectural and engineering masterpiece. A highly efficient and sustainable hub providing a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for travellers to enjoy. Achieving this requires all systems to operate as a single, efficient ecosystem, dedicated to safely handling record numbers of flights, passengers and baggage, and acting as an intermodal hub. Airports of the future are smart, tailor made and emission free.

Airport Services
Deerns is the leading multi-disciplinary engineering company in airport building installations design and special airport systems integration. Applying our inhouse expertise in designing the technical backbone for complex projects we support airports to become smart and sustainable infrastructure hubs. As a leading engineering firm in airport services Deerns excels at Airport Building Services, Special Airport Systems and Airport Systems Integration. Through these services we tune diverse and complex equipment and systems for maximum efficiency and reliability. Interpreting vast technical requirements from various stakeholders into a single integral design which terminal and airfield operational systems, sustainable utility supply, indoor climate and transport systems are combined.
Abu Dhabi International Airport
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Focus Areas

Airport Building Services

Deerns delivers sustainable, comfortable and safe airports and is a leading engineering firm in airport processes and systems. We offer airport operators and architects with an integral approach that results in efficient, reliable, cost conscious and future proof mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design.


Special Airport Systems

Special Airport Systems enable the safest aircraft movement in an airport and the surrounding airspace. Deerns integrates requirements arising from the unique conditions of each airport for holistic approach. System design also leads to seamless operation and processing of passengers and baggage.


Airport Systems Integration

The integration of ever more numerous and complex systems makes airports operationally efficient, commercially successful and environmentally sustainable. By combining our operational and detailed technical airport knowledge we translate system requirements into an integral overall concept.


Terminal 2.
Abu Dhabi

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Deerns designed the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance Control System (A-SMGCS) as part of the Airport Collaborative Decision-Making system for a newly planned large international airport. This includes a system of green LED lights along the taxiway that show the optimal route for aircraft to arrive at the gate, taking all other aircraft movements into account. The Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS) doubles up as a display, showing countdown time and milestones for the ground crew, ensuring that everything from connecting the bridge to refuelling is ready to go the moment an aircraft arrives at the gate so that up to 50 million passengers a year will never have to wait long.

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