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Transactional Services

Buying or selling commercial real estate can be risky. To minimize risks, it is important to understand the options for completing the commercial transaction efficiently.

What we do

There are three critical issues to address fully before moving forward with a real estate transaction. This includes ensuring that the investment is justified, the price is reasonable, and the property is compliant with legal regulations and permit requirements. Additionally, it is important to evaluate the property’s current and future sustainability, as well as any investments required to meet necessary standards. Timing of the transaction is crucial.

Increasing expectations on real estate 

Real estate must meet exacting standards to guarantee the safety and health of its users. In recent years, more requirements have been added, such as agreements to reduce energy consumption, which have consequences for property owners. For example, certain real estate must have at least an energy label C by 2023 and new buildings must meet the BENG standard. Additionally, the Climate Agreement aims to achieve low-carbon non-residential construction by 2050. 

Our expertise 

Deerns has in-house expertise to determine the risks associated with the condition of a property and its installations, whether it is existing or new real estate. We provide advice on the necessary investments to ensure that existing or newly developed real estate meets the increasingly strict laws and regulations to be as future-proof as possible. We also review building designs to ensure they meet your wishes and requirements and follow laws and regulations. We have knowledge of the real estate market and expertise in building-related installations, energy, building physics, fire safety, health, and connectivity. We can advise at every stage of a real estate transaction, including support during contractual negotiations. 

Deerns offers property transaction advice throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

Our services include: 

  • Technical Due Diligence: We provide insight into the financial risks and opportunities in the architectural, technical installation, and environmental fields by performing site visits and researching available documents. 
  • Digital Due Diligence: We examine the digital and smart status of a building, assessing whether the installations and systems are up-to-date and meet expectations for communication and management. 
  • ESG scan: We evaluate the building’s energy consumption, water consumption, environmental impact, and safety features of the surrounding area. 
  • Design Review Assessment: We ensure that the design of a building meets all laws and regulations and reflects the expected quality. We identify any potential design flaws at an early stage and provide suggestions for optimization and good management. We base our assessment on the contractor’s agreement and designs, such as VO, DO, and specifications. 
  • Development Monitoring: During the construction process, we perform quality, quantity, and payment checks, identifying any potential risks or delays, and making regular location visits to ensure that the design is executed as intended.­ 

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