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Safety and Security

Our advice focuses on keeping the security risks of your building, people, processes and/ or information.

What we do

As an independent security consultant, Deerns has a great deal of experience and information to help strike the right balance between threat profiles, business facilities to be protected and security requirements. In our view, the optimum balance consists of an integral combination of organisational measures, architectural and technical provisions. After all, security is only effective if these three factors are coordinated. Where possible, technology is cleverly deployed to achieve the right level of security. We advise on security and situation management systems, camera security, access control, intruder detection, fire detection and architectural security for organisations with a medium to very high risk profile.

We will support you in the following services:  

  • Security consultancy (organisational, architectural and/or electronic security)
  • Performing risk assessments and risk analyzes
  • Quickscan security
  • Integral security plan (policy, constructional and installation-technical security plan)
  • Conducting security audits and mystery visits
  • Providing safety and security workshops
  • Design and implementation guidance of security installations
  • Technical Due Diligence (TDD), including 100% surveys and inspections

Reliable and specialist knowledge has been built up with complex security issues within the market segments such as data centers, healthcare, office buildings, cleantech environments, laboratories, business parks, real estate and museums.

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