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Smart Building Design & Building Automation

A smart building utilises technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the building while ensuring a positive experience for people using it. By collecting and connecting data from smart buildings, different stakeholders can be empowered and can benefit from improved decision making.

What we do

The stakeholder can be interpreted broadly and varies from end user to facility manager, and from real estate developer to investor. For example, End users can receive (building) information and control to improve their decisions and work environment, Facility managers can analyse occupancy rates and adjust cleaning schedules accordingly, Developers can provide more flexibility for tenants, and Investors can increase revenue per square meter through data-driven revenue models.

The Deerns Smart Buildings Advisory Team offers personalized advice to help clients bring the stakeholders together, identify their specific needs, formulate a functional question, and create a technical, practical and cost-effective plan. We believe a Smart Building is the basis which aids in continuous validation and maintaining a high level of performance. This is particularly true when clients want to achieve additional goals such as a sustainable, healthy, comfortable and connected building.

Our services include:

  • Mapping of existing real estate with respect to the level of smart building technology;
  • Developing a functional question and strategy for smart buildings, including stakeholder workshops;
  • Implementing the strategy;
  • Technical design and realisation of smart building systems;
  • Managing the costs associated with investments and operations;
  • Data privacy, -strategy and -management advice.
  • Match with regulations (as ESG) and certifications (Smartscore AP)

Let’s talk

Naomi Duivesteijn

Smart Building Advisor