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ICT Infrastructures

Networks are necessary for a building to function optimally. After all, properly functioning networks are the prerequisite for success and continuity.

What we do

Think for example of the building-related infrastructure for data, voice and video communication but also WiFi, 4G, 5G and other crucial networks for building management systems and security purposes.

The experts of the Expertise Group ICT Infrastructures within Deerns devise solutions for your complex data issues. We immerse ourselves in your various business processes and design a suitable ICT infrastructure based on state-of-the-art technology. Each design is based on a thorough inventory of the specific customer needs and thus a customized and future-proof cabling infrastructure can be advised. The requirements and wishes of the various stakeholders including the client, the ICT department and Facility Management are taken into account, whereby all current standards, norms, laws and regulations are observed. Naturally, our decades of experience are also included in the design so that business processes remain guaranteed under all circumstances.

Services we provide include

  • Preparation of Programs of Requirements / Starting point documents for ICT infrastructures;
  • Verification and validation of ICT infrastructures;
  • Verification and validation of building connectivity through WiredScore certification;
  • Advice, design and, if required, implementation supervision of ICT infrastructures, (IP) telephony, indoor coverage for wireless communication systems and data centers.

Let’s talk ICT networks