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Deerns specialises in the design and optimisation of installations for high performance buildings for people and industries to thrive. Our consultancy and engineering services cover the entire lifecycle of buildings.

Insights on innovation

Wafer Fab II
Here’s where next gen wafers multiply and keep your world moving

Global demand for chips that power our society – from smart phones to laptops, electric cars and aircrafts – is increasing significantly. One of the world’s six largest silicon wafer manufacturers, plans to realise a new, state-of-the art 300mm EPI wafer production facility. Before project take-off Deerns conducted a feasibility study for the new production line, including a budget estimate while translating every detail of the requirements into a state-of-the-art building with optimised logistics. Indeed this integrated outline ensures that project execution enables time-to-market requirements, thereby  eliminating the current shortage of chips for electronic devices.

A’dam tower. Lift E
Here’s where the party animals  have their own fast lane to a rooftop view

When the former Shell Research office was transformed into the A’dam Tower – accommodating offices, a hotel, an observation deck and restaurants and cafés – a dedicated solution was required for the building logistics. Deerns produced a state-of-the-art design re-using the original four lift shafts plus one new lift shaft to control the tenfold increase in the number of visitors. The lifts are equipped with destination control and are linked to an access control system, while the dedicated use of certain lifts changes during the day to support peak traffic and minimise waiting times.