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Global Wafers Feasibility study

Best Site Selection for powering silicon production

Global demand for chips that power our society – from smart phones to laptops, electric cars and aircraft – is set to increase significantly. Global Wafers, one of the world’s six largest silicon wafer manufacturers, plans a new, state-of-the art production facility in Italy to meet demand for new-generation high-purity, 300 mm, EPI wafers. Deerns conducted an all-round feasibility study for this new production line, to eliminate the chronic shortage of chips for electronic devices. 



Global Wafers is a global leader in semiconductor technology, providing innovative, advanced technology solutions to leading chip manufacturers focused on transforming the foundation of a connected world. Headquartered in Taiwan, a new, state-of-the art green epi-300mm facility is planned for Novara, Italy. 

Time and technique 

On the back of the expected to grow of the global semiconductor industry towards $600 billion in the coming years, the need for 300mm high purity wafers will increase significantly. Global Wafers is responding by expanding an existing factory and creating a new one. Considering the urgency for delivery within short time frame and specific technical design, Deerns was the preferred consultant. 

State-of-the-art building 

Through a feasibility Deerns investigated the options study for this site expansion – including a budget cost estimate. Translating every detail of the requirements into a state-of-the-art building with optimised planning we analysed the processes for creating a new product. After several work sessions we then translated these processes into a building design and technologies with clear advice on feasible solutions. 

Careful consideration 

Our feasibility study enabled careful, fact-based decision-making by Global Wafers. Consequently, site selection was transferred to a new area for quicker turnaround time of the entire project. 

" Deerns combines specific technology with architectural aspects for the best results for our clients. 
Eric Stuiver Sector Director, Electronics

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Eric Stuiver

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