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A healthy building improves the well-being and productivity of its occupants. The WELL Building Standard provides guidelines for creating such buildings by considering factors such as climate, light, air, and movement.

What we do

Our  WELL Accredited Professionals utilise building physics, smart building technology and installation expertise to design buildings that meet  WELL standards and provide added value for the users. A WELL certification can also be obtained to verify the building’s healthiness. Deerns can advise you on every step to be taken in the process. 

Our services include

  • A quick scan of  current conditions 
  • Workshops on healthy buildings  
  • Assistance in implementing WELL standards 
  • Supervision of WELL certification  
  • Measurements of temperature, air speed, light, and CO2 levels 
  • Guidance for WELL re-certification 
  • Surveys of building occupants 
  • Evaluation of building performance. 

Let’s talk

Peter Buurman

Senior Advisor Building Physics & Energy