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Vertical Transportation & Mobility in Buildings

Our Transport and Logistics consultants provide guidance on installations for the mobility of people and goods in buildings.

What we do

Our team of consultants and experts will design the integration, implementation, and functionality of installations for vertical transportation and mobility in buildings. We balance the quality of mobility against space utilization and cost while ensuring safety, adherence to regulations, feasibility, and integration with the building. This includes the use of smart technology for user interaction and maintenance. We assist you in making informed decisions between standard solutions, customization, and innovation. We use simulation software to support logistics. 

You can reach out to us for guidance on the integration of: 

  • Elevators and lift systems 
  • Escalators and moving walkways 
  • Facade maintenance and roof safety equipment 
  • Automated internal transportation systems (including AGVs) 
  • Pedestrian bridges 
  • Motorized blinds/Automatic sun protection Automatic sliding and revolving doors 

Additional related services include: 

  • Logistics studies and simulations for horizontal and vertical transportation 
  • Analysis of high-rise buildings 
  • Inspection, management, and maintenance recommendations 
  • Design and implementation supervision of transportation installations 
  • Advice on renovation options (reuse or replacement)

Accessibility, safety, Life Cycle Costs, and sustainability are key considerations in all our designs. 

Let’s talk

Jochem Wit

Senior Vertical Transportation Expert