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Laboratory Design

To ensure that the (re)design of your laboratory runs smoothly and efficiently, our work takes place in an interactive process with users and final decision makers.

What we do

For each specialty, the research environment varies in design and equipment composition. We advise on the correct set-up in accordance with all requirements, including safety.

In addition to knowledge about the right set-up, logistics, regulations, containment levels, biosafety levels, safety requirements, equipment and gas distribution systems, we also have know-how for connecting the equipment to the technical infrastructure, the hook-up. In recent decades we have gained extensive experience in the design and realization of many types of laboratories.

Our services include

  • Application for permits
  • Drawing up the program of requirements
  • The design
  • Production of arrangement drawings
  • Translating user requirements into tender documents
  • Selecting suppliers
  • (European) tendering
  • The implementation, validation and qualification processes
  • The implementation of technically sophisticated environments
  • The hook-up of equipment.

Let’s talk

Eric Stuiver

Sector Director Electronics