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Digital Due Diligence

Building owners, property owners and tenants seeking an evaluation of the full potential of the building’s smart components can find this service in Deerns’ Digital Due Diligence service.

What we do


This entails a method which enables both mapping and quantification of a building’s current level and potential to smart :Together with the Smart Building Project Owner, we first tune the definition of ‘smart building’ for each individual project. Then, we apply our Digital Due Diligence Service. Digital Due Diligence offers a complete digital picture of the defined building owners’ objectives against 6 parameters:. 

  1. HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning 
  2. Health and Wellness 
  3. Energy and Sustainability 
  4. Monitoring and Control Systems 
  5. Connectivity and Cyber Security 
  6. UX: User Experience and Data 


We use the following three steps in our Digital Due Diligence process: 

  1. Charting the current digital profile of the building 
  2. Outlining the building’s future digital and smart building goals  
  3. Giving advice on the adjustments to be made to reach the set objectives, including a relevant cost estimation. 


To ensure your real estate asset and portfolio is smart and digital, sustainable, and ultimately more lucrative, Digital Due Diligence is a great place to start when for your real estate strategy.