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The implementation of projects is often complex: there are many parties and many dependencies, which can cause a project to stagnate.

What we do

A prerequisite for a smoothly running project is good planning in which the dependencies are mapped out, so that all parties involved know from each other what they need at what time. In addition to good planning, this requires good mutual communication. The lean engineering methodology offers a solution in that case.

Open and transparent
The basis of our lean engineering methodology is based on an open and transparent way of working together. Once we know who our design partners are, we discuss the project and the goal of the project together. Then we jointly define the output per design phase so that it is clear to everyone what will be delivered at the end of each phase. Then we plan all the steps on a joint lean planning board. This planning is reviewed daily/weekly with all parties.

Reducing lead time

To greatly reduce lead time, it is necessary for all designing parties to apply the lean engineering methodology. In this case, the lead time of a project can be reduced by as much as one-third. Lean Engineering thus reduces lead time while improving quality.