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Lean engineering lead to shorter lead times and improves the overall quality.

What we do

Project implementation can be quite complicated, with many stakeholders and interdependencies that can lead to delays. A key to a successful project is thorough planning that identifies these dependencies, so all parties involved are aware of what is required and when. In addition to planning, effective communication is essential. In this context, the lean engineering method can be a helpful approach.

Our lean engineering method is built on the principles of open and transparent collaboration. We begin by identifying our design partners and discussing the project goals with them. Together, we establish clear deliverables for each design phase, so everyone knows what to expect at the end of each phase. We then create a joint lean planning board that outlines all steps and review it on a daily/weekly basis with all parties involved.

Adopting the lean engineering method by all parties involved in the design process is crucial for significantly reducing the lead time. This approach can cut the lead time of a project by up to 30%

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