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Fire Safety

Fire safety solutions should provide continuity of core business processes as well as regulatory and legal compliance. Consequently, at Deerns, we start with the big picture view of your core business process through to the details of civil- and system-engineering.

What we do

Our fire safety consultants offer customised fire safety planning, life-cycle and maintenance costs as well as risk-reducing measures.

Our fire safety services comprise:

  • Integrated Fire Safety Plan (IPB)
  • Simulations and calculations, including:
    • Evacuation flows
    • Fire development
    • Flashover
  • Specifications / Principles of fire safety systems
  • Performance of fire safety inspections
  • Management and Maintenance

Expect innovative solutions from us! in the following markets:

  • Airports
  • Data centres
  • Electronics
  • Health Care
  • Life Sciences
  • Real Estate

Let’s talk

Rene van de Beek

Project Manager Fire Safety