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Sustainability & Energy Transition

Sustainable buildings offer improved well-being for occupants, the nearby community, and society. It is also imperative for long-term financial viability of a building asset.

What we do

At Deerns, our consultants understand the importance of finding the perfect balance between comfort, flexibility, sustainable materials, and energy and water conservation. We tailor our solutions to your specific needs. 

Our sustainable solutions are based on an integrated approach, combining our expertise in building physics with technical installation knowledge, and using the “Trias Energetica” approach as a foundation for our designs. This approach aims to limit energy demand, utilize energy from renewable sources, and if necessary, use fossil energy sources as efficiently as possible. Our specialists consider all related aspects, including feasibility, investment and operating costs to reduce emissions and water consumption. By combining our knowledge of technical installation and building physics, we consider architectural, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering components. 

By applying sustainable design concepts we reduce CO2 emissions on projects and in building assets. To demonstrate this reduced impact, apply the Deerns Multiplier. This indicates the extent to which we save CO2 for our clients in our largest projects compared to legal performance requirements and in relation to our own footprint annually. 

In 2019, achieved a CO2 savings equivalent to 1,742 times our own annual production. 

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Peter Buurman

Senior Advisor Building Physics & Energy