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Building Certification

Building certification provides tangible proof of a building’s sustainability status. Certification also provides reassurance of lower energy costs to building owners and leasing agents as well as boosting brand reputation.

What we do

Deerns assesses  buildings and building portfolios to establish a road map to achieve your sustainability ambitions and guides and manages your preferred certification method whether: 

  • LEED
  • WELL 

Our certification services start with an assessment of the building’s current status, mapped against your overall sustainability goals and your preferred certification. We then manage the certification process on your behalf. 

Our services include

  • Quick scan assessment 
  • (In-house) workshops 
  • Management: Implementing regulations 
  • Managing certification 
  • Managing re-certification (using WELL) 
  • Performance assessment 

Let’s talk

Peter Buurman

Senior Advisor Building Physics & Energy