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“My career took off at Deerns”

"After studying Aerospace Engineering in Delft, I actually wanted to design aircraft. The opportunity to work at Deerns arose which meant I would be giving technical advice to major airports worldwide. Although this was quite different from my studies, I could still have contact with the aviation sector which was the deciding factor for joining Deerns."  

Our work ensures that airports, which are critical gateways for connecting people and business run smoothly.  My team and I advise airports on all technology which is hidden but vital for a smooth passenger experience. From systems for baggage handling or check-in to vital supply of water and electricity. The interesting and challenging part of my work is considering local laws and regulations such as safety while still enabling our clients’ vision come to life. I also enjoy the cultural diversity of my work and connecting with people despite language differences and distance.”

Entrepreneurial culture 

“The entrepreneurship at Deerns is a what I love about working at Deerns. You really get the space to develop personally.  As Division Director Airports I am responsible for the development of the Airport units for Deerns worldwide.  I enjoy the independence of exploring new courses for the business and the responsibility to see this through. Thanks to this entrepreneurial culture met my ambitions and my career has taken off. I’m proud of that!” 

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Anke Matijssen

Division Director Airports