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“Deerns plays in the premier league of consultancies”

Semiconductor manufacturers, leading medical and research labs as well as hospitals are all in a day's work for Vincent Jansen.

His client portfolio counts industry pacesetters such as NXP, MSD,  Radboudumc, Radboud and Wageningen Universities. According to Vincent, Deerns plays in the premier league of consultancies working with industry pacesetters. “What really counts is keeping pace with our clients. We are in it for the long run. I find it so important that we have established business relationships with our top end clients over time,” he says. 

Vincent is now a team leader and senior project manager and was drawn to Deerns after working on a joint assignment when he was at an installation company.  “I ended up in a fun and dynamic team where we worked together on amazing and challenging projects. Everyone was passionate about their field and got along very well. This strong social side of Deerns attracted me and keeps me here,” says Vincent.

Playing in the premier league

“Deerns plays in the premier league of consultancies. We have a great portfolio with a wide variety of clients. We work with pharmaceutical and health care companies, semiconductor specialists and universities. It makes our work versatile and keeps us on our toes in terms of innovation. I am proud of that. Especially the fact that these are not one-off contacts. We have been working with these clients for years which says a lot about our service.”

Keeping things interesting

What are the most recent innovations in building installation technology? “Although the basic design techniques for power supply, climate systems and lighting haven’t changed much, applications, digitalisation and an increasing installation rate triggered a huge evolution in our profession. As a result, we increasingly work at a strategic level as consultants. Thinking in terms of integrated concepts we cooperate as a team of specialists within Deerns, ranging from building physics, acoustics, fire safety and energy to sustainability. That makes the work more versatile and interesting. At Deerns everyone is approachable and willing to help each other.”

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