Special Airport Systems

Special Airport Systems enable the safest aircraft movement in an airport and the surrounding airspace. Deerns integrates requirements arising from the unique conditions of each airport for holistic approach. System design also leads to seamless operation and processing of passengers and baggage.

Airside & apron design
Minimal waiting times at the gate and a smooth boarding process are crucial to the passenger experience. Airside and apron design is instrumental in efficiently supporting safe take-offs and landings, and all necessary on-the-ground processes that enable a fast and efficient turnaround. Cutting-edge engineering systems offer possibilities for achieving highly efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions, tailored to accommodating increasing air traffic and an ever-growing variety of aircraft.

Gate D2
Here’s where Han turns around in record time.
ewer jets

Schiphol Airport had to find innovative ways to accommodate larger aircraft with more seats at the existing aircraft stands, which were tight for space. Deerns explored the possibilities and created a solution by upgrading part of the gate buildings, making it easier and faster to connect two instead of one jet bridge per aircraft. The entire concept was simulated for 30 types of aircraft, validated for safety, efficiency and connecting to the fuel hydrants and other platform installations, which quickly made it possible to handle more passengers per flight without increasing the number of flights.

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Matthias Pöter

Sector Director Airports