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Integrated collaboration through Building Information Modelling (BIM) provides a transparent design process for clients and design teams. This empowers efficient decision-making through real-time insights into the consequences of design changes and variations.

What we do

Clients are active design participants in our ‘one model’ philosophy. We strive to perfect the entire virtual model before construction, enhancing our engineering capabilities and integrating our systems seamlessly within the entire project. The BIM method provides clarity in the relationship between the architectural, the construction and the technical installation design teams. 

The benefit of BIM is significant reduction in failure costs during construction and improved logistic process planning. 

Deerns customises this digitalized design process to meet the project ambitions, applying a 5-step approach: 

  1. BIM as 3D design tool. 
  2. Coupling BIM and a software programme to calculate design parameters for a direct flow of information from BIM to the software programme. 
  3. Direct flow of information from the software programme back to BIM. 
  4. Parametric design to generate BIM variants based on design rules. 
  5. Generative design wherein the optimised BIM variants are generated based on apriori defined parameters  

Deerns is a leader of BIM in the installation sector and carries out dozens of projects for commercial, health care, laboratory and data centre projects. 

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Raul Ruiz

Engineer BIM, Real estate and Data Centre