Sustainable R&D Facilities

Accelerating technological, product and process developments place ever higher demands on clean facilities. Depending on the application, there are many crucial factors to control, such as temperature, humidity, vibrations, electromagnetic compatibility, purity and/or containment.

Besides optimally supporting all current and future processes, a future-proof clean facility needs to do so in a sustainable way. Installation design is crucial to enable the use of sustainable energy sources and energy-efficient installations, provide a safe, pleasant and healthy work environment, and support technological changes such as digitalisation.

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Here’s where Space Research is in. Earth’s dust is out

Minimising the footprint of cutting-edge space R&D on Earth maximises the benefits of space research for society as a whole. To ensure sustainable operations, Deerns designed the cleanroom installations for the new, future-proof headquarters of the Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON). One, crucial aspect is the sustainable energy concept , that optimises use and re-use of heat use, another the highly specific clean room. SRON’s lithographic processes for the development of ultra-sensitive sensors require highly specialised installations for supply and exhaust of gases, air purification tools and ultra-clean water.

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