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Deerns Brazil placed in Top 10 of Great Places to Work®

15 September 2022 - Deerns Brazil’s policies and culture have delivered a remarkable accolade when the company was ranked in 6th place for its category in the Top 10 Great Place to Work® in Brazil.

The quality of the workplace as well as employee satisfaction are key elements in the company’s drive to attract and retain the highest talent available across its skills base. The attributes that enable a level of excellence which Deerns clients value highly are that happy healthy people perform at their best, offer continuity of service, contribute to the knowledge collective, enable institutional memory and are loyal to the company and its members.

This is according to Ricardo Fornari, Managing Director for Deerns Brazil, who says, “People like to work here. They come and they stay, which increases the value for our clients because they see knowledge being retained from project to project and from region to region.”

Over the past year, Deerns Brazil has more than doubled in size, from a staff complement of around twenty to nearly seventy. This rapid growth meant that the existing office premises were unable to accommodate a return to work at the end of the pandemic. This gave the company the opportunity to implement a carefully conceived hybrid workplace model which offers employees the option to work remotely or from the office.

Deerns Brazil’s in-house architects created a friendly, healthy and functional office environment, which everyone loves. Milena Mergulhão, CSA / BIM Manager, recalls, “In 2021, with the securing of large contracts and an exponential growth, we felt the need for a bigger and more comfortable office. Deerns not only thought about implementing a career plan but also brainstormed with the employees what they would like to have in the new space, and what would help them to work with more enthusiasm. Along with the hard work of reaching Zero Carbon by 2050, we looked for an accessible location and developed a design with open spaces, call support areas, meeting rooms and a common area for informal, relaxed conversations.” A flexible layout also enables integration, communication flow and experience exchanges between the disciplines and teams.

Fornari is quick to point out that the physical space is only a part of what makes Deerns Brazil a great place to work, “Our corporate mindset is as important. We strive to create a good balance between work and personal life through a number of job security, career advancement and well-being related policies and programmes. This ensures that our people are able to focus fully on being the best at what they do.”

Rodrigo Barkett, Operations Director, adds that a highly collaborative approach brings a sense of ownership to the teams, which are actively supported by management through all challenges and stages of the project development.

When all is said and done, there is one central ingredient which has made Deerns Brazil a great place to work – namely, its people centric company culture which values collaboration above competition and enables the creation of productive and highly efficient professional teams.

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