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Deerns awarded Effectory’s World-class Workplace Label

Deerns and Effectory are excited to announce that Deerns has been awarded the World-class Workplace Label for 2024-2025.

Deerns ran the World-class Workplace survey which gauges employees’ level of engagement and rates the organisation’s employership company wide. The label is only awarded to organisations that perform above a geographical benchmark and is based solely on the feedback of employees. Deerns E-NPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) and employership scores outperform the regional benchmarks.

Here’s where people thrive!

On winning the award, Tjerk van der Meer, Deerns’ CEO, said, “At Deerns, our people are our greatest strength. Within our organisation, we actively foster an open culture of diversity and personal development. Engagement within and between our teams, countries and offices allows our professionals to work in a smart, productive and enjoyable way. We are deeply committed to this culture and will continue to listen, learn and lead our organisation accordingly

Some of the highlights of our survey results are:

  1. An exceptionally high score in the area of Belonging, indicating that our Deerns team values the sense of community and connection within our organisation, which undoubtedly contributes to our overall satisfaction and engagement.
  2. An improved Engagement score, which increased to a level well above the global index average. This showcases our commitment to creating a positive and fulfilling work environment for all.
  3. A significant increase in our E-NPS, which skyrocketed to 16! This reflects the satisfaction and loyalty of our employees, positioning us favourably against the global index average of 6.

About World-class Workplace

Effectory’s benchmarks are based on millions of responses from employees located all over the world, meaning that those organisations awarded a World-class Workplace label know that their high ranking is based on a reliable and comprehensive data set.

Deerns’ recognition as a world-class workplace demonstrates our great employership to both our current and future workforce. We look forward to continuing to improve and innovate our comprehensive people strategy across our offices worldwide because, at the end of the day, our people drive our success.