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Thinking Systemically about Data Centres

How can data centres rethink their strategies to adapt to new energy sector regulations and challenges?

Henry Geisler, Technical Director, Deerns High Tech Ingenieure GmbH, will give the keynote speech, titled ‘Thinking systemically about data centres’, for Session 2 at the PowerBuilding & Data Centre Convention. This session will focus on how data centres can combine maximum availability and energy efficiency, featuring a discussion on the upcoming Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) regulations in FLAP-D countries like Germany.

Henry Geisler explains, “Data centres, the backbone of digital infrastructure, are well-known for their significant energy consumption and heat generation. ‘Thinking systemically’ means understanding the interactions and interdependencies between the complex parts of data centre systems. At Deerns, we leverage technology and innovation through an integrated approach that optimises renewables, energy use and heat management to meet and exceed the evolving requirements of this sector.”

PowerBuilding Düsseldorf 2024: You’re Invited!

The PowerBuilding & Data Centre Convention, Düsseldorf, will take place on 19 and 20 June 2024 at the Künstlerverein Malkasten. Meet up with Henry Geisler and Hermann-Josef Selbach to discuss how Deerns can best support you in shaping the future of energy-efficient and sustainable digital infrastructure.

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Henry Geisler

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