Built for Deerns

Built for Deerns

You have what it takes to make an impact for a better future through your technical and environmental experience and skills. At Deerns we celebrate how you turn today’s tough challenges into solutions for a sustainable, comfortable and safe environment in which to live, work and play. Through your technical knowledge in installation technology, energy and building physics you will create healthy, sustainable, smart and future-proof buildings. 

You are built to make a difference in airports, real estate development, health care, data centres, electronics and life sciences. Your training and development is fast-tracked in a guided, friendly and energized  technical working space

Creating value

Working at Deerns means that you and your colleagues make a positive contribution to the built environment on a daily basis. We do this by staying true to our vision as well as the skills and values which we celebrate: expertise, entrepreneurship, reputational orientation, integrity and cooperation. These values are reflected in our daily contact with each other, our clients and the communities where we live and work.  In this way  we create added value for our clients and the people who use   the building installations we design.

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