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Equinix: ML7 & ML9 – Deerns brings Sustainability & Speed to Market

Deerns is at the forefront of innovative sustainability for two of four new hyperscale data centres ML7 and ML9 in collaboration with Equinix. 

The ambitious plan to erect a campus hosting four hyperscale and two retail data centres in commercial capital of Italy is the brainchild of Equinix, a global giant in the digital infrastructure domain. The development marks a leap towards redefining data processing and storage, with sustainability and innovation at its core.  

Deerns is the MEP service provider for the first two facilities. Furthermore, Deerns is involved in a collaboration team pioneering proof-of-concept alternative prime power generation in the existing data centre, ML5, located on the same campus. The two newest additions to the campus, ML7 and ML9, each with almost 6,000m2 of white space are under construction. Each data centre boasts an IT power capacity of 19.2MW scalable to 24MW, with a PUE of less than 1,3. 

Here’s where we pioneer Energy Efficiency 

Anticipating the future, the designs for ML7 and ML9 incorporate provisions for liquid cooling systems, preparing for a time when air cooling will no longer suffice due to increasing rack densities. This foresight ensures that the transition to more efficient cooling methods can occur seamlessly, maintaining optimal operational temperatures and efficiency. 

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for these projects; it’s a guiding principle. With all data centres aiming for LEED certification, innovative approaches such as photovoltaic systems, rainwater harvesting, and stringent emissions controls are integral.  

Sustainability, Innovation & Community 

This forward-looking and highly collaborative approach encapsulates Deerns’ mission and Equinix’s vision, heralding a future where data centres are not only hubs of digital innovation but also exemplars of environmental consciousness and community integration.  

Deerns is at the forefront of exploring district heating solutions in data centres around the world. This allows waste heat from the data centres to be repurposed to provide heating for local communities. Christopher Leahy, Project Director at Deerns says, “District heating presents an opportunity to enrich community relations, underscoring our commitment to both environmental stewardship and community welfare.” 

Collaboration across continents underpins the project’s success, with Deerns Italy teaming up with its UK and Brazilian counterparts for ML7 and ML9, respectively. Leahy highlights, “One of the great advantages of belonging to a global organisation like Deerns is the ability to draw on the pool of resources from our other offices.” 

Shortening Time to Market 

In the fast-paced world of digital infrastructure, Equinix prioritises swift market entry, necessitating a harmonious blend of standardised design and localised innovation. The projects’ foundation lies in Global Design Standards, which are adapted to meet local conditions and regulations. This ensures that each data centre not only meets but surpasses environmental and sustainability benchmarks. 

Leahy oversees the Deerns project team at both ML7 and ML9, fostering an environment where there is constant dialogue, sharing insights, experience and innovations. This synergy ensures that the design and construction phases of these projects benefit from real-time feedback and continuous improvement, reflecting Deerns’ commitment to excellence and innovation. 

Deerns’ work on multiple centres within the same campus means that rapid design capability is optimised. Lessons learned in one project are immediately applied to another, streamlining processes and enhancing outcomes. This model of concurrent development, coupled with global collaboration, allows for a staggering 14 hours of productive work each day, optimising the design phase period and setting new industry benchmarks for efficiency and speed. 

In Leahy’s words, “Our commitment transcends mere design; we’re dedicated to pioneering solutions that ensure rapid market readiness without compromising on our high standards of quality and sustainability.” 

As the world increasingly relies on data, initiatives like these set the stage for a future where technology not only advances but does so responsibly and with a positive impact on the world around us. 

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Christopher Leahy

Project Director