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Reshaping Archimica offices to API labs

Deerns, is spearheading the development of the production areas and quality control laboratory of Archimica in Italy, recently acquired by PI Health Sciences, a prominent active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturer. 

In May 2023 PI Health Sciences acquired a majority stake Archimica, a reputable API manufacturer based in Italy. The acquisition signals a pivotal investment plan, particularly for the Italian site, with a complete overhaul of an existing 2700 m³ building, converting office spaces into two specialised laboratories – one for APIs production and the other for chemical quality control. 

Here’s where Engineering meets Innovation 

Deerns will contribute to the project by blending engineering of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems with architectural innovation. Under the stringent standards of good manufacturing practices (GMP) and good laboratory practices (GLP), Deerns will coordinate the transformation of  3-storey warehouses and office facilities. This includes integrating essential amenities such as meeting rooms, training facilities and a canteen catering to site employees. 

Following the delivery of preliminary MEP designs for the laboratories in late October 2023, Deerns has proceeded with the preliminary design of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems alongside electrical and IT network infrastructure for the expansive office, canteen, and warehouse spaces.  

Strategic Partnership with Spectrum PharmaTECH 

Deerns has teamed up with Spectrum PharmaTECH, a leading pharmaceutical consultancy in India. Diego Di Lorenzo, Business Development Manager at Deerns Italia, explains, “It was crucial for us to meet high-quality standards. We teamed up with our joint venture partner, Spectrum PharmaTECH, known for its expertise in engineering for pharmaceutical projects. 

“By working together, both Italian and Indian engineers are combining their extensive skills to carefully manage gases, solvents, and other important aspects of the project. This collaborative approach ensures that we follow strict industry regulations while also being mindful of our budget.” 

Structural Adaptation & Regulatory Compliance 

The project also entails adapting to the building’s existing structure and changing typology, including the design of steel external circulation to reach rooftop equipment to ensure compliance with regulations. Given the prominent location of the site on a highly trafficked road, the municipality convened a committee to evaluate visual impact and approve aesthetic changes to the old building.  

Di Lorenzo adds, “An important aspect of our work was conducting an acoustic study on air conditioning equipment situated on the roof, considering the proximity of the building to residential areas outside the industrial zone. This involved estimating noise levels and designing an acoustic envelope to contain rooftop noise emissions.” 

Looking forward, provisions have been made for a potential overhead structure on the roof to accommodate solar panels. Despite a tight timeframe, with the go-ahead received in mid-September 2023, Deerns successfully delivered the full design in less than three months, meeting local regulations and reviewing numerous drawings to ensure compliance.  

Construction commenced in January 2024. The completion date is scheduled for the second half of 2024, marking a significant milestone in the transformation of the site and underscoring Deerns’ commitment to excellence in engineering and project management. 

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