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Michaël Marchal new Managing Director Deerns France

As of 1 March 2021, Michaël Marchal joins Deerns as Managing Director of our National Office in France. We are thrilled to have Michaël on board to lead our office and further develop business in France.

Michaël joins us from TPF Ingénierie where he has worked for a long time in many different roles and with a wide range of clients. He holds academic degrees in engineering and business administration, and was also trained in seismic design and aspects of law.

At Deerns, he greatly looks forward to expanding our presence in France. He is keen to build on innovative concepts like smart buildings, and sees sustainability in our work as a top priority.

“The world is changing faster and faster and engineering has a key role to play to deliver buildings more virtuous in sustainability and flexibility, while providing more services thanks to digital advancements. We also have to be able to adapt, and to provide a high level of quality and service in order to create long term relationships with our clients. The engineering of tomorrow will require sharpened skills and Deerns is ready to meet these challenges with expertise in all innovative domains: mechanical, electrical, smart, sustainability, façades and an international approach.” – Michaël Marchal

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Michaël Marchal

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