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Leandra Rodenhuis, Unit Director Special Building Consultancy

8 June 2022 – Leandra Rodenhuis joined Deerns as Unit Director Special Building Consultancy. She will be part of the Real Estate Division led by Frank Houben, Division Director of the Real Estate Division, Deerns and will work closely with the Airports and Clean Tech Divisions.

As Unit Director of the newly established Special Building Consultancy, Leandra will be part of management team of the Real  Estate Division. Leandra will also be directly involved in the development of Deerns’ new services: Transactional Services and Cost Management and will lead teams that will initiate innovative solutions for the built environment in consultation with customers.

Frank Houben says, “With Leandra’s managerial and commercial experience in the built environment, she will contribute to the ongoing growth and development of Deerns.

Leandra adds, “In the past month I got to know Deerns from the inside out as a great company with many enthusiastic, creative and passionate people. I am really looking forward to launching the two new services in this positive vibe and growing the unit further both in the Netherlands and internationally.”

The real estate world is very familiar territory for Leandra. After her studies in Real Estate Management at TU Delft, she worked at Arcadis for about 10 years. As a project manager she led projects for public and private clients. Later she was head of the Building Design & Engineering Department. Leandra has also been teaching Real Estate Management to architecture students at TU Delft for 5 years now.


Hillary Erasmus, Group Marketing & Communication Manager, Deerns

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