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House of Quantum design team selected

22 September 2022 – Quantum Delta NL has selected the design team for the design of the House of Quantum expected to be one of the smartest 12,000-square”quantum meters” in Europe. The design team includes architecture firm cepezed and engineering firms Deerns and Aronsohn which were selected separately through a European tender.

The House of Quantum (HoQ) will be located on the southern part of TU Delft Campus alongside other buildings designed by Cepezed. It will be the physical heart of the Dutch quantum technology ecosystem where science and industry meet and collaborate. A final go/no-go for construction, based on the final design as well as the HoQ business case, will be delivered in 2023.

HoQ will also house several affiliated initiatives and facilities which include test beds for quantum computers, networks and sensors.  Quantum Delta NL is making substantial investments into these shared high-tech research facilities. Industry will be able to access these high-tech facilities for developing and testing quantum technology which would otherwise be too costly to implement as individual entities.

HoQ will also be home to the first Centre for Quantum and Society offering a physical and digital environment where quantum community and society can collaborate on the ethical and societal aspects of quantum technology. This enables joint development of ethical, legal and societal standards between citizens, civil society organizations, scientists, companies, and governments.

ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, which invests in commercial real estate in Dutch science parks will cooperate in further development of the HoQ. Besides the main building, Quantum Delta NL aims to open HoQ locations in Amsterdam, Twente and Eindhoven. Completion is of HoQ in Delft is expected in 2025.