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Eric Stuiver: Highlights as VCCN Chair

Eric Stuiver’s 9-year tenure as Chair of the Dutch Industry Institute for Contamination Control coincides with the Deerns 95th anniversary and the VCCN 35th. At this poignant moment Eric looks back on his presidency and the strides VCCN, along with 500 members, have made.

VCCN celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2023, coinciding with the 95th anniversary of Deerns, where Eric leads the Electronics Sector. As Chair of Vereniging Contamination Control Nederland (VCCN) Eric Stuiver is handing over the baton after a 9-year tenure with the ‘cleanest association’ in the Netherlands which deals with contamination control for applications in micro/nano electronics, healthcare, food, aerospace and life sciences.

At this poignant moment, Eric share the highlights of his VCCN presidency.

" I consider it an enormous honor to hold the position as VCCN Chair and would like to thank the 500 VCCN members, for the trust they have placed in me.
Eric Stuiver Sector Director Electronics

My earliest encounter with  VCCN was in 1989 when I had just started at Philips Semiconductors. I was a newbie and completely unfamiliar with the VCCN scope, cleanroom technology and contamination control. I joined a working group that explored and developed guidelines for particle contamination in the process equipment. This first experience was an eye-opener! I understood how much I didn’t know AND how you can quickly take steps towards practical solutions in a group of experts. For example, we introduced a monitoring and improvement programme to reduce particle levels in our production equipment, thereby  increasing the yield of the chips!

35 years later and many project experiences richer, both in the Netherlands and abroad, I can say that my knowledge has grown enormously, also thanks to VCCN. At the same time, every new project remains a journey. One with new questions requiring different solutions.

That makes keeps the scope of VCCN  fascinating even after 35 years. VCCN is more than a shared space for growing professional knowledge, it is also about the people and cultures that give me satisfaction and inspiration. After all, contamination control/cleanroom technology is a universal language, one that connects people and organizations. Which fits perfectly with VCCN’s vision ‘sharing the knowledge’.

During my tenure as chair, I made many new contacts, nationally and internationally. This has enriched me enormously. Both in my own development and for the projects in which I collaborate together with customers and colleagues.

At the same time, an association also deals with other matters, such as finances and making and implementing long-term policy. I will continue to cherish relationships with my fellow board members.  I always knew I was supported by my fellow board members, a very professional association office plus many enthusiastic members. Those are relationships that I will continue to cherish. After all, an association is a group of people with the same interest and passion.

I was honoured to receive the VCCN honorary membership from the new chairman, Paul Joosten of Kuijpers. I am confident that he will continue to grow VCCN, both in knowledge and in his connection with amazing people in our industry!

Eric Stuiver receiving VCCN Honorary Membership


VCCN is the Dutch Association Contamination Control which develops and shares knowledge in the field of Contamination Control and Cleanroom Technology for applications in micro/nano electronics, healthcare, food, aerospace and life sciences. Founded in 1988 has over 500 members.

VCCN has strong connections with international bodies including ISO, CEN and the ICCCS (International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies).

Eric Stuiver hands the role of VCCN chair to Paul Joosten

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