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Deerns’ Strategic Partnership with Elea Digital Data Centers

Deerns is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Elea Digital Data Centers, a pioneer in colocation and digital interconnectivity in Brazil, with an ambitious sustainability vision. 

This collaboration marks a milestone in enhancing the capabilities of data centres in Brazil, matching Elea Digital Data Centers’s robust infrastructure with Deerns’ cutting-edge design and engineering expertise. 

Revolutionising Brazil’s Data Centre Capabilities 

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, speed is paramount, and the ability to adapt to changing technologies is crucial. The lifespan of data centre designs is short, with facilities requiring frequent upgrades to accommodate evolving needs.  

The partnership between Deerns and Elea Digital Data Centers is poised to revolutionise data centre capabilities in Brazil in that it bridges the local gap between the data centre provider and engineering company. By leveraging insights into upcoming trends and advancements, the partnership can anticipate process steps, maintain flexibility in design and implementation, and foster stronger relationships between decision-makers. This will enable faster delivery, streamlined processes and enhanced solution quality.  

Ricardo Fornari, Country Director for Deerns Brazil, says, “I am optimistic about this partnership to further advance our business endeavours. It represents a fresh approach to our market presence, both for Elea Digital Data Centers as they collaborate with a trusted engineering company, and for Deerns thanks to alignment with our core business values.” 

Alessandro Lombardi, President of Elea Digital Data Centers, conveyed his enthusiasm for the partnership. “This collaboration is set to revolutionise the way our data centres operate, making them even more efficient and more sustainable,” he said. “Elea Digital Data Centers’ existing infrastructure and Deerns’ innovative design and engineering solutions are poised to create data centres that are not only technologically advanced but also environmentally responsible and human-centric.” 

Here’s where we set New Horizons  

Elea Digital Data Centers is a pioneer in colocation and interconnection and dedicated to creating a sustainable future by ensuring that its infrastructure meets the growing demands for digital connectivity in an environmentally responsible manner. Its commitment to sustainability is at the heart of its colocation operations, aiming to drive societal advancement through cutting-edge technology solutions. 

Deerns has established a notable presence across Brazil’s data centre industry, serving the region’s global colocation players. Fernando Madureira, Commercial Director at Deerns Brazil, explains, “Elea Digital Data Centers provides space and services for major colocation companies with a strong core value of compliance. This matches with Deerns’ reputation and track record in delivering compliance and quality. Elea Digital can rely on this and on our ability to help market technology leaders drive cutting-edge technological solutions.  

Deerns holds an impressive portfolio of global projects in the Data Centre sector, showcasing over 2,5GW of IT power in certified data centres, including those recognised by Uptime ATD, TIA, LEED, and BREEAM. Our innovative, energy-efficient designs align with global trends in sustainable data storage solutions, underscoring short time-to-market, adaptability to local contexts, and a strong focus on decarbonisation.  

“We carry out research throughout the LATAM region to guarantee that utilities are available to make data centre operations reliable. Elea Digital Data Centers can count on our understanding of local standards, compliance with local laws, and established relationships with utility providers,” concludes Madureira. 

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Fernando Madureira

Commercial Director