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Deerns re-aligns business for a market-fit response

4 October 2021 - Deerns, a leading multi-national consultancy and engineering firm, is implementing the next phase of its strategy by re-aligning the organisation and management structure, enabling a nimble response to global trends and market demands.

In response to global trends and the impacts on the markets in which it operates, Deerns will transform its geographical oriented operating structure to a market focused one as of 1 October 2021. This new structure enables a market-fit response matching the specific needs of clients.

Deerns intends to achieve sustainable growth and leading marketing positions enabled by a strong commercial approach in our five main markets:

  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Data Centres
  • Clean Technology
  • Airports

CEO of Deerns, Tjerk van der Meer said: “In line with our current execution on strategy, we will achieve better value for our clients through this market-fit structure, by simplifying commercial and operational decisions and better enabling innovative solutions. This provides more opportunity of unlocking  individual potential and enhancing collaboration, thereby improving knowledge sharing and exchange within our business, with our partners and our clients.”

To deliver on our vision the Deerns business is now re-aligned into three divisions which are well-positioned to provide services to clients both local and international, led by experienced Division Directors:
Real Estate, led by Frank Houben, offering expertise to our clients in the real estate and health care markets.
Life Sciences and High Tech, led by Cosimo Verteramo, offering niche solutions to our clients in the data centre and clean technology markets.
Airports, led by Anke Matijssen, offering a thorough knowledge of all airport processes and systems.

Mr Van der Meer, as Executive Board member and CEO, together with the three Division Directors comprise the newly appointed Executive Team alongside:

  • Executive Board Member, Jan Karel Mak
  • Executive Board Member and Chief Financial Officer, Roel Rooskens
  • Commercial Director, Hareld van den Brink
  • Group People Manager, Lenny Hageman
  • Group Marketing & Communication Manager, Hillary Erasmus

Staying true to our spirit of adaptation and innovation Deerns contributes to overcome the multi-faceted  challenges and trends of our highly connected world.

Mr van der Meer continued: “As the Building Performance Specialist, Deerns has a clear vision of our impact and contribution to the global challenges in our markets. We will continue to develop high performing building systems for smart cities and industries to be sustainability hubs of the future.”

Through this re-alignment with our markets and clients, Deerns will be well equipped to deliver on its vision, building a sustainable business in the world of today.