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Deerns Brazil leads the company’s expansion drive into Latin America

17 Septebmer 2022 - Deerns Brazil is poised to enter new markets and diversify its client base in Latin America, largely thanks to the growth of technologies associated with digital transformation in the region. This is on the back of the company’s growth over the past year, as well as its ranking in Great Places to Work in Brazil.

Latin America, with a population of over 600 million and home to 520 million mobile subscriptions, is emerging as a major consumer of digital services. Governments in the region have identified the consolidation and growth of technologies associated with digital transformation as a key factor in attracting foreign investment, both to the industry itself as well as the sectors which it services and whose operations depend on it. It is both a challenging and an exciting time for the digital infrastructure industries in Latin America – and Deerns Brazil is proud to be an integral part of it.

In the last two years, Deerns Brazil has grown from ten staff members to just under seventy. This dramatic growth in capacity was primarily enabled by two successful appointments for hyperscale data centres in Brazil and an early entry into the airports sector with the appointment at São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport, where Deerns will provide building services solutions for the new pier.

In addition to dealing with the extremely pressured timelines and technical challenges particular to these projects, Deerns Brazil has secured two hyperscale data centre projects in Colombia and has subsequently opened an office in Bogotá through which it will grow its presence in the country and its neighbours.

Ricardo Fornari, Managing Director for Deerns Brazil, comments, “Our global cloud and colocation clients are expanding into new digital infrastructure markets in South America and they expect us to expand with them to ensure seamless access to our extensive knowledge base, our experience and our skill set.”

Fornari adds that one of Deerns Brazil’s most valued attributes is its low staff turnover. “Our clients value the knowledge retention and depth of experience which long term relationships are able to offer from project to project and from region to region.” To retain, grow and maximise all aspects of its specialist knowledge base, Deerns Brazil has implemented a number of programmes aimed at supporting its staff to provide services in Spanish- and English-speaking countries.

Having built a strong presence in the data centre market, Deerns Brazil will be addressing further growth and expansion in the coming year while maintaining its focus on the consolidation of operations in Brazil and Colombia and ensuring that the company meets its current commitments timeously and efficiently.

Deerns Brazil has succeeded in building a solid and sustainable base from which to launch operations into various countries in South America, further enabling the fulfilment of the Deerns mission across the world: to bring concepts to life.