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Here’s where we imagine the Future of Data Centres

Deerns is a proud sponsor of DCD>Connect | Madrid, where we look forward to meeting you at Booth No. 70!

The rapid growth of IT power density and AI is opening up opportunities for cutting-edge innovations in data centre cooling. As a Networking Point of Presence Big sponsor, Deerns will be at Booth No. 70 to share our experience around the challenges and benefits of, among others, immersion and liquid cooling.

“Deerns is designing innovative solutions using liquid cooling technology, to address the energy demands of data centres,” says Andrei Pawlaczyk. “Conventional cooling methods are reaching their limits, unable to adequately address the thermal challenges posed by increasingly powerful and compact electronics. Liquid cooling offers performance and reliability for the most demanding applications.”

“We look forward to discussing these possibilities at DCD>Connect | Madrid, together with other benefits of this technology that speak to our clients’ decarbonisation strategies – such as reduced energy consumption, reduced building footprints, and increasing the lifespan of equipment.”

DCD>Connect | Madrid: You’re invited!

DCD>Connect | Madrid is taking place at the Eurostars Madrid Tower on 21st and 22nd May 2024. Join our delegates at Booth No. 70 to learn more about how we imagine the future of data centres!

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Andrei Pawlaczyk

Infrastructure Buisness Unit Manager