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Here’s where we give flight to airports 

Join us at Booth 2030. We are discussing efficient, sustainable and smart airport design.

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Join us at Booth 2030

If you are interested in finding out about airport design that meets the Paris 2050 targets, feel free to reach out to our delegates at the Deerns booth at the Expo in Amsterdam from 14-16 March.

  1. Anke Matijssen, Division Director Airports
  2. Matthias Pöter, Sector Director Airports
  3. Gertjan Harkink, Unit director Airports
  4. Daan Eijgendaal, Technical Director Airports
  5. Giuseppe Dibari, Country Director Italy
" Our intention is to reduce emissions, and energy use specifically, on terminal buildings as well as all airport activities, equipment and systems
Anke Matijssen Division Director Airports

Matthias continues, “In pursuit of an emissions-free civil aviation industry, we are able to draw on our wealth of experience in building system and energy supply engineering, together with our wider partner network of trusted professionals – to bring our clients innovative, holistic solutions.”

At Deerns, we are constantly developing other advanced service systems that include:

  • Specialised airport systems such as security, IT, baggage handling, passenger processing and passenger information systems
  • Smart building data-driven components
  • Acoustics, lighting and thermal comfort

“Our goal is to continue to support our clients with solutions that meet their operational efficiency, future-ready and environmental compliance targets,” concludes Anke.

Let’s talk airports

Anke Matijssen

Division Director Airports