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The landscape of sustainability is shifting and new regulations are pushing boundaries, demanding more from the real estate sector. Join Ana Cunha, Strategic Sustainability Advisor and CSR Director of Deerns Group, for her keynote presentation on 5 March 2024 at the Czech Green Building 2024 Conference, in Prague.

“Now, more than ever, a holistic and integrated design approach is our priority in developing ESG compliant assets that are resilient, flexible and built for the long run,” says Ana. “It’s not just about compliance; it’s about redefining building performance expectations and integrating technical, data-driven and ESG-aligned considerations from the outset of a project.”

Ana is one of three keynote speakers at the event, together with Andrew Waugh, Director of Waugh Thistleton Architects, and Vicente Guallart, of Guallart Architects. Her presentation, titled ‘The Evolving concepts of Sustainability illustrated by Trend-Making Buildings: from Green to Decarbonized, ESG-compliant & Data-enabled Buildings’, will illustrate evolving sustainability concepts and innovations through some of Deerns’ landmark projects, namely ‘Bosco Verticale’ (Milan), ‘The Edge’ (Amsterdam) and ‘Maison Île de France’ (Paris). Ana will also elaborate on how Sustainable Engineering has been progressing from the first green building considerations to the latest strategies for regenerative and off-grid buildings.

Czech Green Building 2024 Conference: You’re invited!

Ana will be sharing these innovative projects on 5 March in Prague! Find out how sustainability concepts have evolved from Green Building concepts to Smart, Healthy, Circular, Net-zero Assets, integrating whole-life cycle considerations. Join us in building a future where off-grid and regenerative buildings are also adaptable to new users, to new uses, and to new times – where assets are future proof!


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Ana Cunha

CSR Director | Strategic Sustainability Advisor