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Blue Hospitals and the Future of Healthcare

How can the healthcare sector revitalise global health? Join Eduard Boonstra, Sector Director Healthcare, at the Design & Health World Congress in Milan. 

The urgent need to create hospitals that are smarter, flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective demands an innovative and seamlessly integrated design approach. Eduard Boonstra will present on why and how to achieve a “Blue Hospital” Design’ on Friday 12 April.  

Blue Hospitals design is an innovative method developed by Deerns to meet the six key performance indicators of a future-proof hospital – patient centrality, better health outcomes, user wellbeing, lower costs, sustainability, and smart building systems. 

Eduard explains, “A futureproof hospital takes into account the strong interdependencies between these indicators and integrates them in the design process to optimise the overall building performance. Deerns’ Blue Hospitals approach also integrates technical, spatial, ICT, wellbeing and sustainability requirements into a single overall programme that meets the project budget. At Deerns, we believe it is time to take advantage of the opportunities created by new technologies, innovations and the real integration of design. All with the aim to build better hospitals.” 

Design & Health World Congress: You’re invited! 

The Design & Health World Congress will take place in Milan from 11-14 April 2024 under the theme ‘Revitalizing Health by Salutogenic Design’. Meet up with Eduard to find out how Blue Hospital design can accelerate the path towards global health and wellbeing, or reach out to our delegates Arianna Surace, Giuseppe Dibari, Marco Fontana, Savina Taouki and Lorena Montenegro. 

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Eduard Boonstra

Sector Director Health Care