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Matthias Pöter, Sector Director, Airports

5 May 2022 - Matthias Pöter (46) joins Deerns as Sector Director, Airports effective 1 May 2021. Pöter will be working closely with Hareld van den Brink, Commercial Director, Deerns and Anke Matijssen Division Director Airports, Deerns to meet the firm’s strategic growth ambitions in the aviation sector. He will lead sales efforts in this sector working closely with the Airport Division sales and technical teams at Deerns.

Prior to joining Deerns, Pöter led airport privatisation and acquisitions assessing airports worldwide as potential investment opportunities. He also led holistic airport development strategies in privatisation projects. Most recently, he was involved in the privatisation of an airport in Brazil establishing seamless and financially efficient operations.

Pöter’s stellar career path of 15 years is embedded in a solid track record of airport infrastructure development and operation projects in Switzerland, Brazil, Spain and Germany.

Van Den Brink welcomed Pöter saying: ‘Matthias has a strong legacy of leading business growth in the aviation sector, underpinned by his precise understanding of underlying spatial and design challenges in airport. We are pleased that he is joining Deerns and we believe that he will contribute to strong growth in a market which is in a recovery phase after the severe setbacks triggered by Covid19. Matthias provides a wealth of insights and forward-looking solutions to our clients which will be critical as the aviation sector explores new directions and business models.”

Pöter expressed his enthusiasm at joining Deerns: “I am really excited to join Deerns and to develop our market presence in the aviation market jointly with the Airports team. Deerns builds on a strong history, solid experience, great innovation capability, and honest client focus: Key factors for a strong business and sustainable growth.”

“I look forward to strengthen Deerns’ position as the global reference in airport system design and engineering. Building and infrastructure efficiency goes beyond making a direct positive impact on our client’s businesses and is also about proactively supporting the aviation sector on its way to carbon-neutrality. Deerns is committed to playing this important role.”


Hillary Erasmus, Group Marketing & Communication Manager, Deerns

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