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System Oriented Contract Management

Management and supervision of execution can be done in many different ways. Increasingly, Deerns provides this through system-oriented contract management.

What we do

The advantage of this approach is that it provides an optimal guarantee at relatively limited cost that what has been designed will also be built. The basis of this are risk-controlled audits that we carry out on working drawings and calculations as well as on the quality of the work performed. We do this by agreeing in advance what will be audited and to what depth. If during the execution of the audits we detect deviations from the design, not only the deviation must be resolved, but also the cause of the deviation. Thus, the content and process of the realization of the design are improved. Meanwhile, we have already supervised the implementation in this way for many types of clients, ranging from the central government (e.g. Rijksvastgoedbedrijf) to healthcare. Effective and efficient, with an optimal cost-benefit ratio.