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Medical Systems Design

Health care facilities require a high level of quality, safety, and operational reliability.

What we do

Deerns specialises in complex installations and equipment for health care departments with critical processes governed by regulations and stringent strict requirements. Experts in medical installations for critical care facilities we connect human actions in the care process with medical installation systems and equipment.  

Whether it is the transportation system in an operating complex, the design of a pharmacy or of a gasless CSSD, we ensure technology is installed to optimize care. Installations include the design for hot floors, polyclinics, and ward blocks.  

Our services include: 

  • Developing a Functional and Technical Programme of Requirements (PoR) 
  • Creating design drawings for medical facilities 
  • Supporting the procurement of new equipment 
  • Overseeing the design and implementation of medical facilities 
  • Verifying the preparation installations and production areas 
  • Providing a second opinion on design or layout studies 
  • Conducting risk assessments for air treatment, work processes, and medical gases 
  • Performing a quick scan risk assessment for operating rooms and sterilization departments 
  • (CSA/CSR) 
  • Developing a Medical Gas Management Plan 
  • Developing an Operating Room Management Plan 

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Charles Mahieu

Senior Expert