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Energy Transition

Transitioning to renewable energy, away from fossil fuels is crucial to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and combat global warming.

What we do

This energy transition entails new forms of energy generation and storage, as well as new energy infrastructure. 

The energy supply mix of wind, sun and water will require energy storage infrastructure which can stabilise network fluctuations. Stable and efficient electric vehicle and other new transport infrastructure is also fundamental to a successful energy transition.   

Deerns advises local and regional governments on shaping the energy transition by ensuring heat-supply and cold-supply energy generation and storage systems are more sustainable such as geothermal energy, cogeneration/combined heat and power (CHP), energy storage and the reuse of residual heat or biomass. We evaluate the organizational, technical, financial, legal and management aspects to make well-informed decisions on how to shape the transition on a large scale. We use simulations even for phased implementations to increase predictive accuracy. We also investigate subsidy options as an additional incentive for feasibility. 

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Rogier Crooijmans

Senior Technician Building Physics & Energy