Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Modernisation

The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TTIA) near Taipei is the nations’ main international airport. Due to its location, it has only limited options to divert aircraft in case of bad weather. Much of the Taiwanese economy relies on this airport. Therefore, the major upgrading project, initiated by the Taiwanese Civil Aeronautics Administration (CCA), aiming at renovation of the runways and taxiways in combination with modernizing and upgrading the navigational aids, posed an additional challenge: maintain the airport’s capacity during the renovation works. The airport’s surveillance and ground movement control system had to be upgraded to support all required safety measures during each construction phase

Deerns' role

The consultant-team consisted of Netherlands Airport Consultants, Deerns and the Taiwanese engineering and consultancy firm Moh and Associates (MAA). We were strengthened by the Dutch-Australian aviation consultants To70 and the Dutch National Aerospace laboratory NLR.
Within the project Deerns is responsible for the design of all airfield systems. This is an essential part of the entire project. Our expertise enables aircraft to utilize the runways in horrid circumstances. Deerns has created a design to upgrade the runways to CATIII. This is done through sophisticated Instrument Landing Systems, LED airfield lighting and advanced surface movement and guidance and control systems (A-SMGCS).

Sustainable systems

Taiwan has a strong ambition to develop their modernized airport sustainably. On multiple levels team has implemented sustainable measures. Firstly Taiwan Taoyuan can be labelled as a first mover for LED airfield lighting. At Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport LED airfield lighting has been on the agenda since 2007. Deerns was requested to review the current situation, hence creating the baseline measurement. Setting up the roadmap it became evident that Taiwan was ready to move towards the implementation of LED. Taiwan Taoyuan airport chose to partially implement LED airfield lighting. Being a first mover and the limited options to divert aircraft, the risks of full LED implementation, were considered too high. Also at the time the decision was made, the light output required on runways was not available in LED. Taiwan Taoyuan is going to locate LED luminaires along the taxiways. The lighting control system is very reliable: when a failure occurs, the AGL will fall back to a failsafe mode to prevent runway incursions. All lighting systems are secured by interleaving, a method to prevent a total failure of a lighting system due to primary circuit failure.

TTIA has implemented an advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-SMGCS), pilots will be able to safely navigate the airport to and from the assigned gates. The addressable taxiway lighting increases safety and capacity and reduces taxi-distances and full stops for the aircraft. Hence significantly reducing aircraft exhaust gasses.