Amsterdam Schiphol Lounge 2

In 2004 Deerns was involved in the renovation of Lounge 1, and in 2010 in the renovation of  Lounge 3. In 2012 Deerns was identified as preferred partner for the renovation of Lounge 2, the central airside area of Terminal 2. Here passengers can browse the shops and F&B facilities before they depart. Terminal 2 is the “non-Schengen” international terminal of the airport. Thus passengers from all continents converge in one central area. The necessity for the renovation was intensified by the introduction of central security for non-Shengen flights (the CSNS project, in which Deerns also had a leading role).

The changes to the security concept meant that flows of passengers to and through Lounge 2 also changed considerably. The retail concept was changed completely, leading to a total of seven themed areas, each giving passengers a different, distinct, experience. The major changes to the layout of Lounge 2 had a considerable impact on the original building services and transportation facilities. In the early phases of the project, Deerns used its in-depth knowledge of the terminal to take the lead in establishing preferred solutions. The additional (project-specific) preferences and requirements were discussed among the parties in workshops and solidified in the design agreements. This has become a successful and efficient process founded on mutual trust.

Long term partnership

Deerns has been intimately involved in the design of building services, transportation systems and a series of airport specific systems at Schiphol for more than 35 years. Combined with deep expertise in building physics and sustainability, Deerns has been able to support Schiphol in making the Lounge 2 project a success.