Amsterdam Schiphol Central Security Non-Shengen

The original design of the Schiphol terminal was based on gate security for all flights outside the Schengen area. This means that most of the commercial and lounge areas were shared by both departing and arriving passengers. The need to physically separate these flows and centralize the security screening points prompted Schiphol to start the ambitious “Central Security Non-Schengen” (CSNS) project.

To separate the departures and arrivals flows new levels have been built on the existing E, F and G concourses and a new transfer screening building had to be constructed near the Departures 3 and Departures 4 areas. A major challenge for the project was that operations had to continue during construction.

Deerns’ role 

Deerns was responsible for the design and coordination of building services and airport systems for the CSNS project; from preliminary design to tender documents. In defining the construction phases special attention was paid to passenger experience and minimizing inconvenience.

Deerns believes that a collaborative design approach secures the quality of the new security systems and ensures an efficient and effective design process. Our teams collaborated closely with the client and stakeholders throughout the design and construction of the project.

New arrival levels on concourses

In order to separate arriving and departing passengers, new levels were constructed on the E, F and G-concourses. The new corridors are equipped with moving walkways to allow for a flow of arriving passengers towards the main terminal area. Here the arriving passenger either follows a dedicated route towards baggage reclaim or enters through the central security filter towards a transfer flight.


Gatehouses have been to be placed on the apron to allow for the immediate the separation of arriving and departing passengers. These buildings serve as a link between the two floors of the concourse and the passenger boarding bridges. The gatehouses are provided with an escalator, elevator and automated door control to regulate the direction of the passengers. In addition, the gatehouses are equipped with electrical, communication, safety and security systems. A total of 28 gatehouses are built in front of the E, F, and G-concourses.

GH Building

A new building was designed at the base of the G-concourse. The building houses the central security filter for the G-concourse and a bus station. Passengers coming from remote aprons will be transported by bus and pass through the security filter or directed towards the baggage reclaim.