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Deerns recognised at Programma 2121 Awards 2023

Deerns received the award for the ‘Best Social Story’ as part of its participation in Programma 2121.  

Programma 2121 is a shared value partnership and social innovation model that aims to enable the social inclusion of prisoners and their reintegration into the country’s labour market through transversal training and the promotion of equally paid internships in ‘unprotected’ environments. The initiative offers qualifying offenders the opportunity to develop technical and soft skills to increase their long-term employability. 

 “We enthusiastically accepted Lendlease’s proposal to join Programma 2121 because it fits perfectly with our corporate values,” says Raffaella Fontana, People & Culture Manager, Deerns Italia. “One of these values is integrity. For us, integrity is the value of values, which then establishes all the others. We shared the purpose to join this programme with our staff last December during the company Christmas event organized at Bollate Prison: it was a moment of profound emotion and sharing. 

“We deeply believe in humanity, in people who use ingenuity to make plans grow despite their mistakes. Even when we fall, we can rise and recover. We believe that society should be willing to give people a second chance. 

“It has been a remarkable success and having Lucio Motta joining us in the company as part of Programma 2121 has been a truly meaningful experience. I really believe that he has given us more than we gave him. He is a valuable resource and with significant insights on diverse topics, among other things,” says Raffaella 

Giuseppe Dibari, CEO Deerns Italia, said, “I am delighted to be able to share the interview carried out as part of Programma 2121, in which the value of work is represented by the path that we have all shared with Lucio. The experience is a virtuous example of the impact that each of us can generate with our actions.” 

Programma 2121 is a partnership between the Italian Ministry of Justice (Department of Penitentiary Administration) and Lendlease as promoter and strategic catalyst of the programme, together with the Regional Supervision of the Penitentiary Administration of Lombardy, Lombardy Region, AREXPO, ANPAL, Metropolitan City, PlusValue, Triulza Foundation, Milano Santa Giulia and Fits Foundation. 

Watch the video where Deerns shares its experience:  

A special thanks to Raffaella Fontana for starting the initiative, Lucio Motta for his generous contribution, and to Nadia Boschi and Lendlease for involving Deerns in this initiative. 

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People and Culture Manager