Zoo engineering

A modern zoo meets a number of challenges. Some are visible to the public, some are ‘behind the scenes’. First priorities such as animal welfare and conservation are closely linked to the visitor experience and educational purposes. In order to achieve these ambitious goals, a zoo needs to be creative in its design and operate efficiently and cost effectively. Deerns helps to optimise all these and other aspects. That's what we call ‘ZOO Enginuity’.

Multiple users

By finding a balance between the needs of all zoo users, Deerns ensures that the general needs of the zoo will automatically be served as well. Building in the zoo can be far more complex than building in any other built environment. The identity of the end user is fairly obvious in common building projects, but defining the user in a zoo is much more difficult. Are they the animals? The zookeepers? The visitors? And what about the technical or educational department? Catering? Or zoo management? The truth is that they are all users and must be taken into consideration when developing a new project within the zoo. In doing so, Deerns helps zoos meet their long term and daily challenges in a most effective way.

Finding the balance

During the project development, we don’t presume to think for the zoo users, but with them. Zoo designers and (landscape) architects design the animal enclosures to be as safe and natural as possible for the animals and keepers, as well as attractive and interactive for the visitors. Deerns designs the infrastructure and facilities ‘behind the scenes’. We make sure that the light is on, the enclosures are properly heated or cooled, drinking and cleaning water is provided, sewage works, enough fresh air is present where needed and every other utility service is fully functional. Deerns’ zoo professionals work together with all parties. By doing so, we are able to create the optimum solution that fits the needs and requirements of all participants. Our involvement starts from the very first conceptual stages and continues through detailed design, construction management, commissioning and after care.

What we do

We need ideas with vision. Ideas that meet our rapidly changing world, the growing standard of global prosperity and the increasing need for people to have a healthy, safe and comfortable living environment. Ideas that also take into account stringent hygiene and safety regulations and that address the concerns of climate change and CO2 emissions.

As an independent engineering firm with 600 specialists worldwide, Deerns has the skills to make those ideas a reality. Indeed, as experts in technical infrastructure for buildings and facilities in urban and industrial areas, Deerns has been doing this since 1928, tailoring its approach to every client’s unique needs and specifications. From concept to design to supervision to aftercare: Deerns brings concepts to life.

Our Technical Zoo Services

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Technical consultancy 
  • Energy strategy
  • Sustainable housekeeping consultancy
  • Waste management consultancy 
  • MEP and energy systems engineering
  • Review and commissioning services
  • Energy monitoring
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