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Leading discussions in Contamination Control

How can cleanrooms successfully navigate the demands of new technologies and stricter regulations? Join us at NSCC’24 to find out more!

Eric Stuiver, Sector Director Electronics at Deerns, will host and guide seven speakers in the cleanroom programme, ‘The Cleanroom in all its aspects’, and Mark van de Mortel, Design Manager, will be speaking on ‘The process as a beating heart’.

Eric says, “With cleanroom facilities, each client’s processes are different. We are looking forward to engaging with thought leaders at NSCC’24 to discuss the rapid evolution of cleanroom facilities, and how a comprehensive, integrated approach is needed to address all aspects of these complex facilities.”

Mark adds, “Contamination control is all about the manageability of the process. A design must therefore look firstly at the process, secondly at logistics and, finally, at the required installations. This ensures that a building is designed as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

NSCC’24: You’re invited!

The National Symposium Contamination Control 2024 (NSCC’24) will take place in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, on 5th June 2024. Meet up with Eric, Mark and our delegates Erik Renkens and Jeroen Rijs at the Deerns Booth in the Bedrijvenmarkt to discuss how we can support your journey towards sustainable, adaptive, future-ready facilities!

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Eric Stuiver

Sector Director Electronics