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Generative AI and the future of Data Centres

Deerns is a proud Gold sponsor of DCN Milan 2024, where we will be weighing in with international stakeholders on how to optimise digital infrastructure assets.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI) is one of the fastest-growing technologies in recent history. Join us at DCN Milan 2024, where Deerns will host a panel discussion on ‘How AI will impact the structure of future Data Centres’ and unveil our new consultancy service!

Generative AI can fundamentally upend decision making on capex and opex costs over the lifecycle of Data Centres. It holds the potential to enable informed decision-making from site selection through to operations, and to address the sector’s environmental concerns.

Cosimo Verteramo, Division Director Life Science & High Tech, says, “Together with key players, Deerns is exploring the endless possibilities, as well as the risks, around Generative AI in the lifecycle management of data centre assets. Our work in exploring these opportunities is highly collaborative. We are very much looking forward to hosting the panel discussion with industry leaders on ‘How AI will impact the structure of future Data Centres’ at DCN Milan 2024.”

As pioneers on the path towards greener futures, Deerns will also unveil our new specialised consultancy services for Sustainable Data Centre Design and Retrofitting. Our approach encompasses High-Density Computing (HDC) and AI, and includes the Data Centre Maturity Policy. More than just a service offering, Sustainable Data Centre Design and Retrofitting is our commitment to a greener, more efficient future.

DCN Milan 2024: You’re invited!

DCN Milan 2024 is taking place at the Allianz MiCo-Milano Convention Centre on 17 April. Join us for the panel discussion ‘How AI will impact the structure of future Data Centres’:

Meet up with our delegates:

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Cosimo Verteramo

Division Director Life Science and High Tech